The Kajiki Collection

The Kajiki Collection


    The Kajiki Collection from Waihana takes its name from the Japanese term for the marlin, a species of fish renowned for its speed and agility. Embodying the spirit of this formidable ocean dweller, the Kajiki Collection delivers gear that's designed for dynamic performance in the water.

    Crafted using Waihana's signature eco-friendly neoprene, the products in this collection offer superior comfort, flexibility, and durability. Whether you're freediving, surfing, or simply spending time in the ocean, the Kajiki Collection is designed to empower you with the speed and agility of its namesake.

    Featuring a range of gear, the Kajiki Collection combines aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, mirroring the striking beauty and prowess of the marlin. Explore this collection to find gear that resonates with your love for the ocean and enhances your water-based activities.

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